Ice Apple-Chilled perfection in every bite!

How is summer in India these days?

With Summer heat reaching 41°C- 43°C (105°F-109°F) in many parts of India, people sweating like mad 😡 and busy sipping water or whatever juice is available.

They say El-Nino effect is sure to convert the land into a burning charcoal! Many said, it’s not just El-Nino, it’s going to be a Super El-Nino! God save the country and its inhabitants!

Staying indoors is difficult, ceiling fans only spread the unbearable heat where else to go? Not many are fortunate to have AC in their home and a few are lucky to have AC in the office.

Have you heard of Ice Apple (Palm fruit)?

If not, it is the perfect time to know about this fruit.

It’s indigenous to the Indian subcontinent and is loved both for its unique flavour and its cooling effects.

In India, it’s seen in the southern part of the country.

Several people find “Ice Apple” to be both a reviving food as well as replenishing by drinking its juice.

Indian names for this fruit

  • Bengali: Lasoda
  • Hindi: Tadigola
  • Malayalam: Nungu
  • Marathi: Kharbuja
  • Tamil: Ilanji/Nungu
  • Telugu: Tati Munjalu

The tree (Palmyra Palm tree)

The tree can reach a height of 30 metres (98 ft). The leaves are fan-shaped.


The outer shell of the fruit

The outer shell resembles a lot to tender coconut.

The top of this fruit must be cut off to reveal the inside sweet jelly seed.

Each fruit contains 2 to 4 jelly seeds.


The skin of Ice Apple

One has to peel this light brownish skin to bring out the jelly-like fruit seed.


Ice Apple itself


The name ‘Ice Apple’ refers to the translucent jelly-like flesh that, when cut open looks like an ice piece.

Every bite

A rush of reviving flavour greets you when you bite into an iced apple.

Its juicy, soft fresh features hints of lychee and coconut water as well as a light sweetness that makes it the perfect summertime treat.

Due to its high water content, it is extremely hydrating and helps to quench thirst so one becomes calm.

Nutrient composition

They are wonderful sources of vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre while being low in calories and fat.

People planning weight loss can include this fruit in their diet regime.


“Summer fruits are Mother Nature’s way of saying, ‘Here, take a bite of happiness!'” Unknown

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