Art is a language without words!

Statue of Dad, Mom and the Kids

“Family is the masterpiece of life, where a mother, father, and their children are sculpted into an enduring symbol of love and togetherness.”  Unknown



Pollution free is the way to be

“Walk the path of a pollution-free existence, where the air we breathe is fresh, the rivers run clear, and the Earth rejoices in our conscious actions.” Unknown

“Faster is fatal, slower is safe” Amit Kalantri

Better half or Bitter half?

“If there is “better”, then there is a “best”. If there is “half”, then there is a “complete”. Far more than being a “better half”, you can be a “best complete”; like a word/phrase that beautifies and gives meaning to a sentence when it is added” Olaotan Fawehinmi


What is the best one can do?

“Stop looking for your better half! You need to be whole to attract your better whole if you expect to have a flourishing relationship” Valerie J Lewis Coleman

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Mr Philo

Image by © PTP-2023 All Rights Reserved

This post is part of John S’s LAPC #249-Art in the Park and other places


12 thoughts on “Art is a language without words!

  1. Some wonderful examples this week Philo! Loved the motorcyclist admiring the mural – great timing on that one. Also loved the quotes and messages which work perfectly with your examples.

    Liked by 1 person

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