Life is better with a film roll in hand!



Oh! those filmy days!

Do you remember 35 mm film photography?

It’s an image sensor format that is used in film photography before the invention of digital photography.

The film used in the camera is known as Photographic film.

Film photography is a nostalgic moment these days.

I don’t know whether film photography will come back again.

It used to be fun with 36 exposures per box.

We used to carry many film rolls with ranging ASA, which replaced by ISO presently.

I recall having to wait a full day for the films to be developed and printed, not knowing which one turned out rather well.


“Nostalgia can be a powerful emotion, and it can evoke strong feelings of joy, sadness, and longing. It can also be a source of inspiration, creativity, and connection.” Unknown

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Mr Philo

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12 thoughts on “Life is better with a film roll in hand!

      1. I still remember an amazing photography class we took in high school, went on a trail and took pictures right before digital cameras swept the world, and then we developed in the darkroom. It was amazing to see what shots were “good” or didn’t turn out how we wanted.

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