Life is abstract art, and it’s up to you to make sense of it-Talismanist Giebra


What is abstract photography?

Abstract photography is a type of photography that uses shapes, colours, forms, and gestural marks rather than trying to capture an exact representation of visual reality to create its effect.

Is abstract art?


There is no precise depiction of visual reality!

How does it work?

Examples include-Intentional camera movements, double exposure, macro photography and digital manipulation.

What does doing an abstract actually accomplish?

  • Creativity
  • Expressing oneself (self-discovery)
  • Challenging the viewer as to what he/she thinks about the design (stimulating the viewer’s imagination)
  • To capture attention (as in advertisements)

Can you make out anything from the image I provided?

The versatility of abstract art is its greatest asset.

Can you derive something meaningful from the photo?


“In photography, abstraction can be a discovery, like seeing something in everyday life that you’ve never seen before.”

Aaron Siskind

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