Hindu Temple Chariot Rope


Hindu temple chariot pulling (Rath Yatra) is a ritual that is performed in many parts of India.

The event is especially well-known in the Indian state of Odisha, where it has long been observed.(Lord Jagannath Ratha Yatra)

Hindus use it as a way to express their devotion to their deities.

Thick ropes are used to drag a large chariot decorated with flowers and banners through the streets of the town or village as part of the ritual.

The chariot is typically drawn by hundreds or even thousands of people, who hope to receive divine blessings by doing so.

Those devotees who are unable to pull the chariot due to so many reasons can just touch the rope. It’s believed that touching the rope or pulling the rope will clean all the sins.

The symbolism of the chariot

The chariot acts like the mind, where the Lord teaches us how to be a charioteer of one’s mind and also know how to direct and control the mind.

We have to use our mind and intellect to take the body (chariot) to its destination. The destination is understanding our life for enlightenment.

The Lord is bound by the ropes of affection of his followers.

How many ropes are used?

As per the tradition, four long and sturdy ropes are attached to the temple chariot.

Each rope is 220 feet(67.0 meters) long, 8 inches (20.3 cm) in diameter and weighs 308 pounds (140 Kg).

“The Rath Yatra is a reminder of the enduring power of faith and the importance of tradition in our lives.” Mahatma Gandhi


“The chariot rope is a metaphor for life. It is a journey that we all take, and we need each other to help us along the way.” Unknown

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