Less comparison…more gain!


Are we guilty of comparing ourselves to others?

Unfortunately, the answer is YES and all of us are guilty and easily fall into the trap.

Social media no doubt adds to the misfortune.

And there is nothing wrong with comparing ourselves to others, in fact, one gets confidence in achieving a set of goals.

The inspiration evolving out of comparison should be on a positive note rather than a depressing one.

But the problem arises when you start thinking that you are not as good as others and that all your efforts are going to waste and you are unfit etc.

You know the proverb ‘ Gross is greener always on the other side of the fence’

A healthy comparison is acceptable but comparisons should not become an obsession.

A simple example I can give is about your obsession with WordPress statistics.

Can you be ‘the best guy’ at any given time?

Understand that comparisons can never end because there is always someone better than you.

By comparing with others, are you not downgrading yourself?

You know that it results in heartburn and many other health issues.

How to stop comparisons?

1. Realize that people whom you think are successful have their own quota of unhappiness.

2. Believe in yourself.

3. Academic success does not necessarily lead to happiness.

4. Start comparing yourself and become a better person.

5. Money is everything…..only to some extent.

6. I am serious …take a break from social media.

7. Always remember that there is no such thing as a ‘Perfect Life’

8. Stop insulting your God-given intelligentsia.

What are the positive aspects of not comparing with others?

1. Contentment– this happens because you know that life is flawed and cruel, and thankfully God is kind to you and you are happy with the present state of affairs.

2. Unique– Feel you are unique. Remember God made you as an unique individual for a reason.

3. Self Confidence-Once you stop comparing, you get the intuition that you are nothing less.

4. Living in the present-you start enjoying every moment of your ‘present’ since you no more you think of others.

5. You become intelligent-By focusing on your aims you achieve success gradually.No distractions.

“A flower doesn’t think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms .” Zen Shen

Please share your thoughts.

 Thank you for your visit.

Take care, my friend.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

Mr Philo

Image by Jhonatan Reategui from Pixabay


7 thoughts on “Less comparison…more gain!

  1. Interesting photo. I was taught to compare myself only to myself and to strive to be the best I could be, regardless of others.
    P.S. “Intelligentsia” is a class of highly educated and cultured people in Soviet Russia. You mean “intelligence.”

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