Cellpic Sunday-Temple bells


“The sound of the temple bell is a manifestation of divine energy” Unknown

Temple bells in Hinduism

Temple bells are a significant part of Hindu religious and spiritual rituals.

These bells, which are made of brass, are hung either at the temple entrance or within.

When entering the temple, devotees ring the bell to signal their arrival and ask God for His blessing.

Significance of the temple bells

The temple bell sound is said to have spiritual significance.

  • It is said to awaken the divine presence
  • Drive out negative energy
  • Creates tranquillity
  • The bell’s sound vibrations help a devotee reach a sense of calm enabling the devotee to communicate with the divine
  • The ringing of the bell is associated with the victory of good over evil


“The temple bell’s sound is a divine melody that purifies the atmosphere and the soul.”  Mahatma Gandhi

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