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I read on the net that, anything that is more than 20 yrs is vintage and to reach the ‘Antique’ level, the age must be above 50 yrs.

Many said it’s difficult to define ‘vintage’ and that the word is more abused than used.

Some said vintage is nothing but ageing.

Again I don’t get a clear answer despite the internet being rich with answers.

Old is no more gold!

Nobody likes something old that includes senior citizens.

Senior citizens do understand their position and sadly they can’t open their mouths.

The rest of the people say old people are boring and consume a lot of time for everything.

They say old people are annoying with their outdated thoughts and behaviour and tire the rest with their charmless vintage talk.

What about old items?

Companies encourage you to throw old items and are busy luring you with various attractive propositions including buyback schemes etc.

Can youngsters throw seniors out?

Sadly old people are driven to old age homes with plenty of excuses.

In this fast-paced world, everybody has lost patience.

Nobody is in the mood to appreciate history.

Vintage Items-Don’t they deserve attention?

  • Antique objects frequently have a rich history, a distinctive personality, and high-quality craftsmanship that is frequently missing from contemporary mass-produced goods
  • Also, because it lowers waste and conserves resources, purchasing vintage things might be a more sustainable choice
  • Vintage items are also sought after for their uniqueness and timeless style
  • No doubt vintage items carry a sense of nostalgia

What about senior citizens?

  • Older people might be admired for their uniqueness and character, just like vintage objects
  • Individuals might have physical characteristics like wrinkles, scars, and other ageing symptoms that are a reflection of their life experiences
  • These characteristics might be viewed as a part of their distinctive story and value rather than as defects
  • Older people should be treated with dignity and respect
  • One can build a more welcoming and compassionate society by recognising and respecting older people


“The charm of vintage things is that they have a story to tell.”


Are you taking care of your elders?

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Take care, my friend.

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Mr Philo

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