Each tree log has its own unique story to tell


Hardwood logs are being used to build the roof, which, as you can see in the image

above, is a collection of metal plates before the cement is added.

Tree products are needed for even the simplest building of a single room.

Looks like we can’t survive without our trees.

Unfortunately, trees cannot defend themselves against people.

Is it possible to design a building without cutting trees?

I don’t know because I am not an expert in the construction of buildings.

If you re-read the title you must be wondering what is that unique story these logs can tell.

We are blind to everything!

We know nothing and we never make effort to learn.

Even if we learn we forget things conveniently.

A tree’s rings, knots, and scars can reveal information about its life and the environments it has lived in.

  • The rings-tell growth and age (they tell climate change)
  • Each ring represents a year of its life
  • The thickness of each ring can reveal the climate conditions of that year, such as drought or heavy rainfall.
  • Scars -talk of damage caused by storms, fires, or other environmental factors.
  • Knots- tell where the branch was once attached
  • Species of the tree- teach us about the local eco-system


“We are the last generation that can save the forests and the first generation that can destroy them”

Les Brown

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