Accidents hurt, safety doesn’t!


The photograph shows a significant gap in the see-through metal frame serving as a traffic divider.

Nothing noteworthy, however, the barrier’s upkeep might need some attention.

The issue stems from some people’s odd attitudes or behaviour.

People are lured to cross the road via a shortcut when they see this wide gap rather than using the footbridge.

By ignoring the risks they face, these strange folks believe they are saving a lot of time.

Why do certain people act in this way?

“Shortcuts may save time, but they can also cut short your life”


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This post is part of SueW & Gc’s weekly prompts-Gap

6 thoughts on “Accidents hurt, safety doesn’t!

  1. I can see your point about how unsafe the gap is.
    As soon as the word safety is mentioned we immediately open our eyes, and like Lolsy, I also noticed the riders were not wearing safety helmets. Were they breaking the law, or do the health and safety laws not include motorbikes?

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Philo. 🙂


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