Devil vs Demon


Are Devil and Demon similar or different?

I am not an expert to decipher the differences and I had some confusion about the usage of these two.

I understand that there is just one Devil but many Demons.

What/Who is Devil?

Christians believe that Devil is the Satan. According to holy scripture, the devil is a rebellious angel who revolted against God.

Devil is the main adversary of God.

Simply put the Devil is the boss of the fallen angels (demons)

It’s also said that Devil’s ultimate goal is to destroy the human race.

What/Who is Demon?

A demon is said to be an evil spirit blessed with supernatural power and a servant of the Devil.

The demons are said to be the disciples of the Devil.

Demons can possess human beings and direct them commit sin or can cause illness.

Am I correct?

Please correct me if I am wrong.

Does the Devil exist?

“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”

Charles Baudelaire

What about us?

“We are each our own Devil, and we make this world our hell”

Oscar Wilde

Do you believe in Devil & Demons?

  • The devil and demons have been the topic of numerous tales, legends, and works of art throughout history, including books, music, and movies
  • Some individuals think of them as actual supernatural beings, while others see them as metaphorical representations of human vices and desires

Deals with the Devil?

I don’t know.

But many movie producers and story writers have hit jackpot by producing horror movies or novels with the theme ‘deals with the devil’.

You all must be aware of FAUST’S story.

Is it possible to lead a balanced life?

“You don’t want to be righteous. You want to be just good enough to keep the company of angels and just bad enough so the devil isn’t out to get you.”
C. JoyBell C

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