Saturday Saying


“Everyone has two eyes. But no one has the same view”


What are your thoughts?

Why can’t humans behave like animals?

Why can’t humans be as simple and innocent as animals and move on with their lives?

Just food for thought.

My thoughts

This is a remarkable insight that shows how, despite the fact that we may have similar physical characteristics, our viewpoints and life experiences can differ greatly.

Even when two people are looking at the same thing, their individual backgrounds, beliefs, and prejudices can lead to disparate perceptions, emotions, and reactions.
While speaking with others, it’s critical to keep this in mind because what can seem apparent or simple to us could not be the same for someone else.

How do I behave?

Oh! man! I am a human being like you!

However, I am making my best effort to keep quiet listening to others’ points of view.

What is a reasonable solution?

We can improve understanding and communication while working to create more inclusive and diverse societies by recognising and respecting other points of view.

Does the world listen?

The world has got a permanent artificial deafness😂🤣


“The difference between a mountain and a molehill is your perspective.”

Al Neuharth

Thank you for your visit.

Take care, my friend.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

Mr Philo

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8 thoughts on “Saturday Saying

  1. I am an ***hole, and immediately thought what about the people with no eyes, or one eye? Trying to stop doing this, but it is hard. That being said, my initial response, shows why it is hard for some people to do this, humans as an intelligent species that lives in a society have grown to be very individualistic, and in chaotic self-assertion we attack eachother.

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    1. An intelligent question, my friend.
      Your question is truth seeking one and brilliant too!
      And it’s really food for thought and also introspection!
      The problem with humans is that we take things for granted.
      The quote author has never thought about blind people or people with just one eye.
      We humans breath rubbish, eat rubbish, sleep rubbish, lead rubbish life and always disagree with each other.
      We live in chaos and die in chaos.
      Even God can’t help!
      Thank you for this thought provoking query.
      Hope you are having a lovely Sunday.
      Good night from India.

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      1. Thank you for your reflective response, I am trying and failing through trying, to learn from the peace of others. I am coming to a place where I think I may be able to relax and try to just come to peace, instead of forcing it. You and those like you really help me.

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