Hanuman Jayanthi


While driving down from the hill town of Tirumala to Tirupathi town (Andhra Pradesh State, India), the pilgrims can see a huge statue of Lord Hanuman with a small temple beneath the feet of the statue.

Lord Hanuman is one of the Hindu Gods, companion and devotee of Lord Rama.

Hindus hold an annual celebration known as Hanuman Jayanthi to honour the birth of the monkey god Lord Hanuman, who was a significant character in the epic Ramayana. It occurs on the fifteenth day of Shukla Paksha, which usually occurs in late March or early April during the Hindu month of Chaitra.

Hanuman Jayanthi falls on 6 March 2023.

Hanuman represents

Hanuman is considered a symbol of strength, devotion, and loyalty, and is revered by many Hindus. His worship is believed to bring protection, courage, and blessings to devotees.

In adoration of the god, devotees chant the Hanuman Chalisa and recite hymns and mantras. Also, some people plan parades and cultural events.

Lord Hanuman’s message

“Serve others selflessly, and you will find true happiness.”

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