Indians immediately think of their National Flag, whenever the Tricolour (Tiranga in Hindi) is mentioned anywhere in the world.

Do you know the importance of these three colours and the 24 spooked blue wheels in the centre of the white stripe?

Saffron represents courage

White is peace and integrity

Green is prosperity

The blue wheel is the Eternal wheel of law (Dharma Chakra)

The blue colour of the wheel represents the sky and ocean (symbolises the vastness and depth of India’s potential).

The 24 spokes represent 24 principles of life and also the 24 hours of the day. Each spoke symbolises a principle of life and an hour of the day

The tricolour flying high makes us feel proud of our country.

“Dear India, keep inspiring and motivating us with your beautiful tricolours that are so soothing to the eyes and yet encouraging: with your dynamic constitution, which is well-balanced and sensible in every aspect. Proud to b a part of you”

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Mr Philo

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This post is part of SueW & GC’s Weekly prompt-Tricolour


20 thoughts on “Tricolour🇮🇳

  1. There’s a lot of powerful symbolism in your flag. It struck me how many countries/nationalities will use the term ‘tricolour’ and how it will mean so many different things.

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    1. Thank you, Brenda.
      I understand more than 40 countries use tricolour in their flags and there must be some meaning in those symbols.
      I am not sure whether these countries use the term ‘ tricolor’ for their flags, but in India, tricolour means India’s national flag.

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  2. My own country has a tricoloured flag (British Union Jack) as do many others, but I think you are right, India is the only country to give their flag the name Tricolour.
    We had the French flag submitted, and I wondered if anyone would use the Indian flag.
    Thank you, Philo 🙂

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