Life is not nearly as stable as we want it to be-Jodi Picoult

In the English language, the word ‘stable’ can be used as a noun, adjective or verb and has different meanings.

My example is an adjective. (firmly fixed or unlikely move)


In this image, I just can’t understand why this chair is being kept stable using a few bricks.

Whether it’s a job by a psycho or as a form of support by some kids, as they are busy playing.

Though the chair looks stable and levelled properly, yet it seems to be a dangerous game!

How stupid can one go?

We are no different in real life!

“Are you in a universe which is ruled by natural laws and, therefore, is stable, firm, absolute – and knowable?

Or are you in an incomprehensible chaos, a realm of inexplicable miracles, an unpredictable, unknowable flux, which your mind is impotent to grasp?

The nature of your actions – and of your ambition – will be different, according to which set of answers you come to accept.”

Ayn Rand

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