I enjoy hosting WordPress challenges and prompts, but I never have time/intention to thank the participants! Blame me not!


First the good news

The good news for bloggers is that when they experience writer’s block, they can participate in “challenges” and “prompts.”

It’s a fantastic method to get the creative juices flowing.

And we come across hundreds of readers who are kind enough and regularly host many challenges and prompts.

It’s also one of the methods to gain more followers.

We are thankful to them.

Some of these people host these challenges/prompts and promote their blogs with affiliate marketing (affiliates). Nothing wrong with it. They are just being helpful to other writers. It’s up to the readers to decide about these affiliated links.

We also come across many participants actively taking part with lots of enthusiasm and energy⚡.

Thankfully the majority of the host/hostess respond promptly to the posts of the participants.

Now the bad news

My topic today is about those hosts/hostesses who conduct challenges/prompts, but lack some basic etiquette in responding to the posts of the participants.

Sometimes these hosts/hostesses take their own sweet time to respond and most of the participants would have forgotten that they indeed took part in the challenge!

I felt weird about this kind of behaviour.

What is your response to this kind of behaviour?

Why do you think these people lack basic etiquette?

Please note that the participants take a hell lot of time to prepare their posts, appropriate to the challenge topic.

What I can’t understand is that while these people have time to conduct challenges and prompts, but severely lack time to respond.

Do they forget that they hosted a challenge/prompt?

Are they too busy?

Do you mean to say that only participants have all the time available in this world?

Or maybe the hosts/hostess are too proud of themselves?

“When you know you can do something, and you feel good about yourself, you do not have to devalue others.”
John Patrick Hickey


“So, why are so many people lacking an understanding of the rules?

No one has ever taught them!”

John J. Daly Jr


Please remember this new definition of etiquette

“Good manners sometimes means simply putting up with other people’s bad manners”

H Jackson Brown Jr

What are your thoughts?

Feel free to share them.

Thank you for your visit.

Take care, my friend.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

Mr Philo


18 thoughts on “I enjoy hosting WordPress challenges and prompts, but I never have time/intention to thank the participants! Blame me not!

  1. A a handful of years ago – right when I stared to do the challenge called “stream of consciousness” – the challenge hostess declared she no longer had time to visit all participants
    Well I did not try Doing the challenge to interact with her per she – but it was such a rude statement – and it was such a withdrawal that I never joined again.
    Her announcement said something about how the challenge has “grown too large” and so I totally understand that she no longer had time to visit everyone – and in as way it was a sign of success to have such growth
    But the timing of her announcement felt rude to me as it was my first entry and then also it did not seem inclusive or welcoming –

    With that said – I think Cee Neurner and Rochelle (Friday fiction) are two the most hospitable challenge hosts ever!

    My closing though – just move on from challenges that have rude hosts – kick the dust off your feet and move on

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      1. I say go where we are Celebrated
        And with that said – I sadly got away from doing challenges because I have a different blogging mode – I miss doing them but limited if it to just one regularly and then add in one or two when I can!
        Wishing you a great week

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  2. I agree with Prior … and your comments in your post, if you run a prompt where you are encouraging, seeking responses, it’s rude not to engage. I think I may put something out, but only if it felt like something that inspired me. If you don’t have time to fully engage, don’t put out prompts.

    I also want to agree that Sadje is an awesome host. Always takes the time to read everyone’s work and pulls together a round up at the end of the week. I imagine that can take some time too, getting all the links to share.

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    1. Thank you, Brenda.
      Sadje is sweet and kind.
      Agree with your thoughts on Sadje.
      We have many good souls in WP, who are very prompt, courteous, helpful and encouraging.
      Getting all the links in response to their prompts and acknowledging at the same time takes a hell lot of time.
      Hats off to these people.
      And it’s not an easy job to host a prompt/challenge.

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    1. Thank you Hammad Rais.
      You are too Frank.
      My post was not aimed at any particular individual.
      It’s a general topic for discussion to encourage each other.
      After all the blogosphere is nothing but mutual engagement and encouragement and gaining more knowledge and spreading the joy of blogging.
      When like minded people appreciate each other, our happiness reaches another level.
      Thank you for joining the discussion.
      Hope your Ramzan fasting has started.
      Praying Allah for all the blessings and happiness.

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