Wear and tear


Watching butterflies brings total happiness

True.  But we seldom consider how much pain the butterfly must have gone through prior to developing into a beautiful butterfly.

Every one of God’s creations also ages and experiences wear and tear.

If you notice the left wing of this butterfly, half of it has undergone wear and tear.

So literally this butterfly is managing things with one and a half wings.

I noticed that this wonderful creature is frequently resting on the ground probably to take rest, though it’s aware of the dangers.

What about humans?

We also undergo much wear and tear by the time we turn 70. The body is beautified with wrinkles, joints refuse to move freely, lack of sleep, memory power at its lowest, poor vision, hearing loss, reduced sexual urge, pissing in bed…Oh God what not!

Blessed are the people who even at 90 appear and behave like youngsters!

What about the younger generation?

They make fun of old people,  forgetting that it’s a question of time before they reach their senility.

“Old people have wisdom but not energy; young people have energy but not wisdom; energy and wisdom must be in the same body to create a much better civilisation!

To do this, we will either give energy to the old or we will give wisdom to the young and for now, the latter seems a more plausible action!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

What you can do?

Do respect the old. Spend some time with them. Listen to what they say. Don’t let them die lonely.

“Old people deserve a medal, a medal of existence which crowns their long-term victory against the cruelty of time and the dangers of this chaotic universe!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

Paradox of life

“The paradox of life; everyone desires a fuller life. But no one wishes to increase in age.”
Lailah Gifty Akita


“You can’t hate old people, because if you are not an old person, you will become an old person, or die while trying to do so.”
Lemony Snicket

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Mr Philo

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16 thoughts on “Wear and tear

      1. I am not scared of my old age till now,. As we don’t know what we face the next second, next min. next hour, next day in our lives, why to think about our next phase and being scared, afraid thus spoiling the present. Negativity calls for more negativity. Hence, ‘kal kya hoga, kis ko pata, abhi zindagi ka le lo maza’… My take on my life now.. Hope it answers your query.
        Thanks for asking my view on this.. 🙏🏼😊

        Liked by 1 person

    1. True what you said
      Humans tend to avoid thinking such kinds of possibilities and these negative vibes can drain our otherwise happy moods.
      Have we not witnessed our grandparents and other seniors suffering from age related issues?
      I guess one can gain mental strength by keeping this eventuality in mind.
      Thank you Brenda

      Liked by 1 person

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