Any way, is better than no way at all-Anthony Liccione


Any idea about Riskology?

We are aware that in our daily life, we are exposed to risks, how we face and the fallout.

On the internet, I came across a formula from RISKCOLOGY where the author gives perfect examples of the intensity of risk also the degree of vulnerability.

Risk= Threat x vulnerability.

The whole thing depends on how you manage Threats.

OK coming my image above

It’s a multi-storeyed building under construction.

You can see the metal scaffolding.

You also notice two workers dangling. I guess they are on the level 4 floor.

I wonder what makes them take a risk. Are they not scared of falling and dying or living a vegetative life? (I am not talking about adrenaline junkies)

So, somebody dies for the sake of some unknown person.

Are they helpless due to poverty left with no other option but to take the risks?

I don’t have an answer.

Does anybody remember these labourers once the job is done?

Who is responsible for the poverty we come across everywhere?

Again I am cluless.

Does poverty make you a risk-taker?

I am not sure. I guess it’s due to helplessness.

And the title quote by Anthony Liccione seems apt.

Wise man’s advice

“Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime.” – Aristotle

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10 thoughts on “Any way, is better than no way at all-Anthony Liccione

  1. There’s another factor here to consider, and that’s the reward you take from taking the risk. Or, conversely, the problems you can avoid by taking that risk. One thing I learned in a number of seminars is that you can measure the “risk-weighted” reward but multiplying the perceived benefit by the probability of the risk occurring. For example, if you put $5 in something that has 10% chance of getting $20, then the risk-weighted reward is $2 ($20 x 10%) which means its not worthwhile to risk your $1. People forget this formula when gambling their hard-earned money in casinos

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