The thrill of spam!


As usual, 99.99% of spam are porn related. Akismet is a great saver!

From Margene 

Your style iis soo unjique complared tto other folks I’ve read sruff from.
Thanks for posting when youu habe the opportunity, Guess I wijll just bookmark thios blog.

This is in response to  Foggy morning

Forget about my style, I was thrilled at her unique style of writing!

Why bookmark when you can follow? Hmm…

From ThomasDeese

my friends from work and I have been searching about lately. The information here on the website is excellent and needed and will assist my family and friends in our studies twice a week. It shows that the site gained a lot of details about subjects on the site and the other links and types of info definitely show it. Typically i’m not on the internet when I am busy although when I get a chance I am more often than not avidly hunting for this sort of information and others similarly having to do with it. When you get a chance, check out at my website: xxxx…..

This is in response to Discover prompts- Day 18 NEW

Looks like he is keen on the subject in the post which can help his family and friends.

Beyond this, I could not make out anything.

How about you?

What is that I am supposed to check out from his website?

Do you miss the fun of spam if your filter is effective?

“Two years from now Spam will be solved” attributed to Bill Gates.

He said this in 2004.

We are in 2023.

Thank you for your visit.

Take care, my friend.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

Mr Philo

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This post is in response to Fandango’s Spam comment of the week 9 2023

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