No Indian girl can ever say no to the magic of a saree!



A saree or sari is a woman’s garment in the Indian subcontinent.

The origin of the saree can be traced back to the time of the Indus valley civilisation (3300-1330 bc).

Saree is a woven fabric, arranged over the body as a robe.

Saree is regarded as the embodiment of Indian women’s wear.

The sarees are much loved and have influenced fashion designers across the world.

Many said that they are scared of being tripped.

Sarees are much loved yet misunderstood by westerners

  • A saree can be draped more than 100 ways.
  • A saree ranges from 4 (3.6 meters) to 9 yards (8.2 meters).
  • Wearing a saree requires zero safety pins. If you are not confident, you can use one.
  • The saree is the easiest garment to wear.

Sarees evoke plenty of sentiments because certain sarees are associated with moments, events and even in memory of somebody closely associated.

Have you ever tried wearing a saree?

How easy or difficult for you to wear the same?

In case you are interested, please try to learn to wear a saree from your friendly neighbourhood Indian families.

It’s fun all the way!

“Saree is the sexiest garment ever.

It shows you the right amount, it covers the right amount.

It’s extremely versatile, it suits every body type. It suits every face.” Vidya Balan

Twitter hashtag #Sareenotsorry has become popular among Indian women, encouraging them to tweet images of themselves wearing Indian traditional sarees.

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18 thoughts on “No Indian girl can ever say no to the magic of a saree!

  1. My late grandmother always wore saree. Only during the last years of her life, she switched to other clothing because of her health conditions. Before that, I never saw her wearing anything else but saree.

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  2. I’m a teenager. In my life no one love saree. but I don’t know how I’m crazy about saree. I really really really love saree. I think I love saree because I’m from India. But actually it’s not a reason to love saree

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