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Sculpture vs Carving vs Statue

A sculpture is something made by sculpting any process by adding or subtracting, while carving is removing material to get a shape. The sculpture is 3 dimensional.

Carving is a subtractive sculpture.

The subtractive sculpture is more difficult because a piece of wood or stone is removed and suddenly you can’t change your mind.

A statue is said to represent the shape of a person or animal.

So while sculpture is an art form, the statue happens to be the final product. Sculpture can also be described as a final product.


You did nothing wrong to get confused because that is how the English language evolved.

I shall simplify things with my limited knowledge.

Sculpture (noun) is the art of making sculptures/statues by carving them out of wood/stone or other materials or casting them using metal or plaster etc.

The sculpture is imagination and creativity.



“What can you learn from a statue? You can learn to stay calm whatever happens!” Mehmet Murat ildan


“There is a great choice that awaits us every day: whether we go around carving holes in others because we have been so painfully carved ourselves, or whether we let spirit play its song through our tender experience, enabling us to listen, as well, to the miraculous music coming through others”

Mark Nepo


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