Love water, hate pollution


Natural spring water

This photograph was captured while hiking along a Himalayan route.

This little store offered a wide selection of carbonated beverages.

The intriguing red bottle protruding from the wall that read “Natural spring drinking water” caught my attention.

A small tank filled with more bottles was receiving the water that was continuously coming from the bottle.

Although I am unsure of the water’s origin, I assume a distant glacier is where it came from.

What is natural spring water?

Natural springs can come along the side of hills and in valleys.

Spring water can also come from a well.

Is it safe to drink spring water directly?

I’m unsure about the right response.

It may have been safe to drink straight back in the days before the industrial revolutions.

With all the pollution going on these days, I worry about safety.

As usual, the two schools of thinking always conflict.

Some claim that because it comes from nature, it is healthier.

Most people agreed that the water is unfit for human consumption and is nothing more than a collection of contaminants.

Springs without protection might be harmful to your health.

What you may not know about spring water


Stop pollution quickly, don’t make the water sick”


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7 thoughts on “Love water, hate pollution

  1. Interesting Philo. The last time I saw a natural spring was when I was about 16 on the Isle of Islay with my grandmother. We drank from the spring without thought. Even today, I probably wouldn’t have hesitated, but now you have me thinking twice

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