Red is a dose of joy


Red & Romance

Is there a connection between the colour red and joy?

Another week to wait for that Valentine’s day.

Why do we wear red for Valentine’s day?

Why does the colour red dominate everywhere and everything during Valentine’s celebrations?

Red is an intense colour

If you ask me, red is the colour of desire and is supposed to evoke passion and ecstasy in sex.

It is believed that red-clad women are more desirable and appealing.
If guys are also wearing red dresses, I guess women will find them beautiful.

The colour also represents happiness and prosperity.

Since red is hot, it’s associated with the passionate day of cupid.

They say red & romance go together.

And what about red roses?

Red roses are said to be the emblem of secrecy and intimacy.

Who looks ahead to Valentine’s day?

In the past (during my teenage days), I used to believe that Valentine’s Day was just for people who were romantically in love.

However, the significance of the day has completely altered, and people in all kinds of relationships can now look forward to it.

  • Somebody has a crush on somebody
  • People who are dating but not committed
  • Immature lovers
  • Young lovers
  • Dedicated couples
  • Aged couples for the sake of their children
  • Business people who are sure to make a kill

Can a single person celebrate this day?

I don’t know how to answer and what to answer.

Who is stopping you, is my question!

Does this day really matter?

Is Valentine’s Day necessary to recognise our love?

Does this day have a real purpose?

Many people wonder why we can’t celebrate love every day.

Every day can be Valentine’s Day if one is sincere.

What is the advantage of Valentine’s day?

On this day, you can gladly go shopping.
From toys to jewellery to watches, and everything in between, you may receive a discount on it!

Is not Valentine’s day pushed by commercial interests?


“The brain is the most outstanding organ.

It works 24 hours a day, 365 days right from birth until you fall in love”


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3 thoughts on “Red is a dose of joy

  1. When I was young valentine’s cards were sent anonymously to a person you had a crush on. Waiting for the postman on Valentine’s day and wondering how many cards you were about to receive was exciting.
    Thank you, Philo.

    Liked by 1 person

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