Belonging: the place where you are welcome


“One of the biggest surprises in this research was learning that fitting in and belonging are not the same thing.

In fact, fitting in is one of the greatest barriers to belonging.

Fitting in is about assessing a situation and becoming who you need to be in order to be accepted.

Belonging, on the other hand, doesn’t require us to change who we are; it requires us to be who we are.”

Brené Brown

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This post is part of SueW & GC’s Weekly prompts- Belonging


4 thoughts on “Belonging: the place where you are welcome

  1. Now I know why I could never fit it, haha it’s a great insight, by the way.
    Belonging is kind of a ‘paradise on earth’ situation, don’t you think?
    If people accept you for who you are, you are at peace. No anxiety or depression, perfect world

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