Happiness is landing in a new place! Is it worth the trouble?

Airplane or Aeroplane or Plane?


Do you love to travel by plane?

I hate to travel by plane unless it’s absolutely necessary.

It’s not exclusively due to global warming that these giants contribute, but due to the hassles, one has to undergo right from preparation to security clearance to uncertainty regarding the cancellation, overweight luggage, crying children (poor souls),Β  etc.

Not just uncomfortable seat arrangements for the family members when they are in a group, others include seat kicking, uncooperative neighbours etc.

Some people are more frightened because of rising fares, prolonged Covid protocols, and rising and frequent quarrels among co-passengers.

Abusing the airline staff has become a fashion trend.

Latest nightmare!

Passenger behaviour has recently reached a boiling point.

You must also be aware of the Pee-gate incident on one of the flights, where the passenger is said to have urinated openly on a co-flyer. It is said that the unruly passenger had many drinks and this is a lesson to those who consume heavily and lose the total mental balance that they are as good as animals.

Re-emergence of Corona has added to the dimension of air travel and Now people are shamed from ‘travel shame’ if they happen to visit these countries or when they return from these countries.

What do I do because I hate to travel?

β€œBooks are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination and the journey. They are home.”

Anna Quindlen

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Mr Philo

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16 thoughts on “Happiness is landing in a new place! Is it worth the trouble?

          1. Yes. I tend to travel by train or if its local, by bus or the Subway (Glasgow’s Underground)

            I think the last time I was in a plane was to fly to The Inner Hebrides formyAunt’s funeral – about 12 years ago now

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