View life through a wide-angle lens attitude and see your horizons broaden-Stephen Richards


Wide angle lens

A wide-angle lens is one with a short focal length.

Fish eye lenses come under extremely wide-angle lenses.

The above image is a wide-angle view.

And a wider view is captured with this lens.

If you notice the sofa chair and foot-stool towards your right appear much larger and crooked compared to the chair & foot-stool on your left side.

The main sofa chair and footstool are of the same size on both sides, yet one appears larger than the other.

What could be the reason?

Wide-angle lens photography is the culprit.

Objects closer to the lens appear larger than the objects farther from the lens.

Where do we use a wide-angle lens?

Using a wide-angle lens is not child’s play. Proper composition is crucial.

A wide-angle lens helps one to capture the beauty of a vast landscape.

It is widely used in interior photography and architectural photography.

Wide-angle photography is both interesting and also disappointing.

It’s interesting because you can cover sufficient scene as you want in a single shot.

And the disadvantage?

The disadvantage is that it produces distortions.

Straight lines become bent lines.

So while clicking you must be aware of the distortion and should try to bring down the intensity of the distortion.

Avoid wide-angle lenses when taking pictures of people, because either face or body is distorted.

Wide-angle lens photography is not for everyone but it’s a fun lens.

One can do experiments and gain experience.

It’s just trial and error.

Distortion in our lives

We are distorted and we are living in a distorted world.

Our mind is the culprit.

“Distortion upon distortion: . . . the more one uses the mind, the more confused one becomes”


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9 thoughts on “View life through a wide-angle lens attitude and see your horizons broaden-Stephen Richards

  1. It’s interesting to see how the idea of perspective and distortion can be applied to both photography and our understanding of the world. The quote by Stephen Richards and the one by Laozi both emphasize the importance of being open to different perspectives and being mindful of our own biases and distortions. Photography can be a powerful tool for challenging our perceptions and seeing the world in new ways.

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