The joy of dressing is an art!-John Galliano

“People will stare. Make it worth their while.” Harry Winston

“Your dresses should be tight enough to show you’re a woman and loose enough to show you’re a lady”

Edith Head

What is that Edith Head telling?

A woman should wear a tight enough dress.

A lady should wear a loose dress.

Am I correct?


The problem comes with the English language.

Is she a ‘Lady’ or a ‘Woman”?

What makes a lady a woman?

What makes a woman a lady?

I understand that lady means an aristocratic woman (old theory), while woman refers to the opposite of a man who may be an ordinary citizen.

By calling a lady, a woman…does that sound like an insult?

Now coming to the word GIRL, a girl can be a lady but can’t be a woman. Is that correct?

Different versions

Some say the word woman means an adult female, girlfriend, wife or lover.

A lady is supposed to be cultured, educated and sophisticated.

So a lady is a woman, and not all women are ladies.

What about ‘young lady vs old lady’?

And how much age difference is allowed? Is the cut-off age 17-18 years?

Society can be nasty most of the time!

The rich mock the poor, and the poor poke fun at the rich.

To describe male or female you are given different words!

Can a high-fashioned dress make you a better person?

I don’t know the answer to this.

Nowadays things work only if you wear a high-fashioned dress and start impressing everybody and anybody.

Simplicity has lost its meaning, purpose and value.

Advice to men and women

“Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them”

Marc Jacobs


“Style is the only thing you can’t buy. It’s not in a shopping bag, a label, or a price tag. It’s something reflected from our soul to the outside world—an emotion.”

Alber Elbaz

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Mr. Philo

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7 thoughts on “The joy of dressing is an art!-John Galliano

  1. A woman is any female, while a lady is a woman who dresses and behaves in a certain “ladylike” manner. What exactly that manner is has definitely changed, as time goes by, and so have societal norms that dictate proper and improper behaviors. Edith Head means that a woman should accentuate her femininity without appearing vulgar.

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  2. Maybe you have hit on why “gender identity” exists. I could almost hear my grandmother’s voice using “young lady”, she would use it when scolding sometimes. Fashion is an interesting concept. I have observed some folks deliberately go against norms to carve out an identity for themselves. My own philosophy is that I don’t want to stand out. Especially when traveling and/or taking photos, I feel like people act more naturally and I get to see more of how the world is.

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