Life is a skyline, keep looking up!


The secret to your life

“Keep looking up. That’s the secret of life”

The above quote is attributed to Charles M Schulz.

What is he trying to tell?

Can ‘looking up’ solve our problems?

My friend, It’s a metaphor and it can also be physical.


It’s telling you, that things are going to be OK.

It is reassuring you since you continue to be hopeful of things happening smoothly in your life.

In physical terms

‘look down’ always implies a downward view. To regard with contempt. Not worthy of respect. It conveys a negative thought. So one should attempt to ‘look up’ rather than ‘look down’.


“Always look up when things get you down, keep your head up and think positive” Unknown

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Mr. Philo

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10 thoughts on “Life is a skyline, keep looking up!

  1. Interesting thoughts. When you talked about looking down, I was thinking depression, despondency rather than how we viewed others … but thats a really valid point. You see that quite a bit with some people who judge others subjectively but also think they’re better than others. As is said, be careful who you stand on on your way up; you may need them on your way down.

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