Whatsoever is lovely- Rangoli


Devoted to Sun God, Pongal is a four-day harvest festival in the state of Tamilnadu, South India.

The festival signifies the beginning of the Sun’s six-month-long journey northwards.

The festival is said to be more than 2000 years old.

People celebrate the festival by painting their houses and decorating their cattle and in rural areas processions are undertaken.

The front door portion of all houses 🏘 , beautiful colourful art is made with rice four. This art is known by the name Kolam or Rangoli.

The tradition of drawing Rangoli is to welcome Sun Deity to the home.

“Festivals promote diversity, they bring neighbours into dialogue, they increase creativity, they offer opportunities for civic pride, they improve our general psychological well-being.

In short, they make cities better places to live”

David Bender

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11 thoughts on “Whatsoever is lovely- Rangoli

  1. Welcoming the sun is a universal theme, it seems like every human culture has a holiday to celebrate the change from things getting darker to things getting lighter. The sidewalk art is phenomenal. Someone has some real talent.

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  2. I love learning about different cultural festivals and traditions. Rangoli is such a beautiful way to celebrate and welcome in the Sun God. The quote by David Bender also resonates with me, as festivals truly do bring communities together and enhance our overall well-being. Thank you for sharing this information and the beautiful photo.

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