New year, new car, new me!


“Don’t give the front seat of your life to those whom you should give the back seat.

Don’t give the back seat to those who deserve the front seat.

Be discerning! Be wise!”

Paul Bamikole

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Mr. Philo

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11 thoughts on “New year, new car, new me!

  1. It’s very true that we should give the “front seat” of our lives to those who have earned it through their actions and character- people who are supportive, trustworthy, and truly care about us. They are the people who will be there for us in the tough times, who will help us grow and become our best selves.

    On the other hand, those who bring negativity, manipulation or deceit to our lives, they do not deserve the front seat. They should be given the back seat. This way we are able to protect ourselves and keep our boundaries.

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