I ‘like’ your posts, never expect me to ‘comment’ on your posts, I may or may not exist!!


WordPress experience 

WordPress is interesting, exciting, thrilling and for some intoxicating!

It can also be depressing for some!

We all love❤ one aspect of WP, which is in the form of comments. likes and follows. 

Whenever somebody likes your post, leaves a comment or starts following you- your joy multplies.

You have earned your dopamine! Don’t you agree?

WordPress also brings you plenty of surprises!

We come across varieties of people with different levels of patience, liking and style of appreciation of others’ posts.

  • People with a mad following have minimum ‘likes’ or ‘comments’
  • People not getting many ‘likings’/’follows’ but are lucky to have many ‘comments’
  • People with a bare minimum of ‘followers’ but unusually getting a large number of ‘comments’
  • People getting only ‘likings’ but no ‘comments’ (you must be wondering)
  • People getting ‘nothing’
  • People taking their valuable time and commenting because they are paying attention
  • People appearing & disappearing just like that! I can go on…

So, what?

I know, you are all aware of these things.

What is that I am trying to tell?

I am talking about a strict ‘No comment’ policy.

I’m curious about one particular group of people who always ‘like’ your post but never leave ‘comment’. 
(get excited because they are nice and like your post, and don’t go any further)

You are just lucky if they are ‘following’ your blog!

Remember that, this particular group of persons never leave a ‘comment’ in any post (other than their own if they are not robots)

What could be the reason?

I don’t know the exact reason. 

But I can reason it to some extent.

  • It must be a bot or
  • your post is worthy of liking and not worthy of commenting (don’t get disheartened-at least be happy that somebody liked it)
  • They like you but care less and proud of themselves.
  • They have no time!
  • The person wishes to be neutral, I mean none can assess his/her leanings, since no comments coming out  and none can know which part of the post he/she actually liked

How about you?

Do you have a strict no comment policy?

Do you think there is nothing much to say in the form of comment?

As far photography oriented blogs are concerned, I know there is not much to say except liking.

What about the blogs other than photography blogs?

I am curious to know your thoughts.


Nobody knows who I am or what I do. Not even I” Don Juan Matus Carlos Castaneda

Thank you for your visit.

Take care, my friend.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

Mr. Philo

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Image by © PTP-2022 All Rights Reserved

PS:This post is written on a lighter note.

Photo by Markus Winkler-Pexels 



29 thoughts on “I ‘like’ your posts, never expect me to ‘comment’ on your posts, I may or may not exist!!

  1. It’s possible that the people who are liking your posts but not leaving comments are just busy and don’t have the time to leave a comment, or they may feel like their thoughts on the post have already been expressed through the like button. It’s also possible that they may not have anything specific to say in the form of a comment, but still wanted to show their appreciation for the post. It’s important to remember that not everyone feels comfortable leaving comments or may not have the time to do so, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t enjoying and benefiting from the content.

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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts.


      There are numerous reasons why someone may ‘like’ a post but be unable to ‘comment.’
      And the bots are wreaking havoc!
      In many cases, the post is not worth commenting on!

      We must leave it to the reader’s discretion.

      The author should not be disappointed because the post has no comments.

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    1. Thank you very much, Ann.
      Grateful you for your thoughts.
      Yes. I see what you’re saying.
      Blogging is a hobby, and we are frequently constrained by our own obligations.
      The ‘Like’ button is a convenient way for these busy people to express their appreciation for the post.
      We should not misjudge others merely because they do not participate in the comments.
      Forget about commenting; if the post is lengthy, people may lose patience. enough, and many people will begin scrolling. From India, greetings.

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  2. Interesting for sure.

    I obsérved many times one may get plenty of likes in few mins. At that time they don’t comment as they never read the contents.

    Some times your honest review not accepted by writer. So u can see a unfollow or not accept that comment. I have experience that also. So many times i also don’t go for commenting on selective posts and keep moving to next blog post to read as i know what response i may receive….

    New people or unknown not even respond if you comment is possible . But some times you will get surprise they sure respond and react as they think positive side of comment.

    My opinion blogging is for our own satisfaction and not to count likes and comments in many numbers. If you or me find few good net work pals that’s great to say hi and exchange ideas.

    Readers mind set matters as well. So keep moving to the next post and not expect any one like or comment must be a policy and feel free to express best of our views.

    Regarding pictorial blogs many times have no time to understand what the image express. Reading a image is one kind of people’s hobby and that’s special. So for that one must become a member like Royal photographic society or American, indian or Singapore photographic society etc and explore the best company of the different category groups who explore the images in depth and make the best of happiness. You can always take one such society membership and explore for a better company.

    WordPress is a big amazing place to express but choice belongs to readers to choose is a concluding line from me.

    Happy Sunday to you and have a wonderful time with family and Friends.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words, Victor.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts so thoroughly.
      Thank you very much.

      You are correct, and it would be a tragedy if the writer did not appreciate our truthful comment.

      Things should be reciprocal. There can’t be one-way traffic.

      You are correct once more. Nothing beats a few good networks of like-minded people interacting with each other through comments and encouraging each other; it’s perfectly fine even if this network only has two or three members. There is no need for a large network.

      Finally, the reader is king/queen.

      Happy Sunday to you as well, my friend.


  3. I know I don’t always comment. I follow about 600 people who are actively blogging and they are mostly photographers and a few writers. If I took the time to comment on every single post, I’d be here 28 hours a day. I do always make time for the people to participate in my challenges. I do read a lot and have a photo memory mind. I hope this explains. I like to acknowledge that I’ve been out look and reading their blogs. 😀 😀

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    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Cee Neuner.
      Appreciate you very much.

      I understand the large amount of work you already do regularly, and with this high number of followers—humanly it’s impossible to keep commenting.

      You are the epitome of ‘keeping oneself busy.’

      What I admire most about you is your energy flow, which none of us has!

      Despite your hectic schedule, you make it a point to respond to all comments on your posts.

      Not only that, but your photo challenges keep amateur photographers like me busy looking for appropriate photos for the challenge.

      You are the ‘Guru’ for inexperienced photographers like me.

      I’m glad I found you in my blogosphere.


  4. I do like it when people take the time to comment and engage but I don’t except everyone who reads or likes my posts to leave a comment- it could be their busy, don’t have an opinion, feel their thoughts have already been expressed, for example.

    What i get more upset by is bloggers who don’t allow comments. There have been a couple of sites I’ve followed where I would have appreciated a dialogue about the post – I can like but can’t comment … or worse … where I can and do comment and my response is ignored by the blogger

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    1. Thank you, Brenda, for your thoughts.
      Agree with your observations except for the suggestion that people can be ‘busy’.
      Tell me, who is not busy in this world?

      “When someone tells you they are too ‘busy’… It’s not a reflection of their schedule; it’s a reflection of YOUR spot on their schedule.”
      Steve Maraboli

      My thoughts are like this.
      If we like a post, better leave some encouraging comments, instead of just ‘liking’

      I agree with you regarding blog posts where the author has disabled comments and it’s disappointing.

      Less said better about those who ignore the comments we made on their posts months together.

      The only occasion when it’s impossible to comment on the post of the followers is when you have a very large number of followers and it’s impossible to comment on their blog posts

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  5. Some people can’t comment on blogs. Comments are turned off, or pop-ups prevent them or they don’t have a wordpress sign in. Of course, some are lazy or the post leaves them with nothing to say. Do you visit the people who just hit the like button and don’t leave a comment? I don’t – therein lies the karma.
    But I do get frustrated when I have to sign in to every blog I comment as this takes time – especially on the phone. This can be adjusted in settings.

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    1. Thank you Amanda for your thoughts on ‘comments’ in WordPress.

      I divide the category into known people and unknown first-timers.

      Whenever we receive a ‘like’ but no ‘comment’ and the person happens to be a first-time ‘liker’ -curiosity is created in our mind and we would like to see this person’s blog as to what he/she is all about.

      Already known people hitting the ‘like button’ just makes us happy.

      Hitting the ‘like’ button and not commenting makes the author of the blog disappointed.

      Most of us may not give much importance to those who hit ‘like’, but feel happy statistically.

      You are right. Some are lazy to leave a comment and some feel there is nothing to comment on.

      And people being busy? This aspect I feel is not justified in the blogosphere.
      Many give one wonderful excuse., I am busy and have no time to comment!
      After all, who is not busy in this world you tell me, yet are we not all writing post after post?

      I like your policy of ‘ no comment’ then ‘no visit’

      And this happens to me regularly. When I wish to comment, WP invariably asks me to sign in for every blog I wish to comment on.
      This irritates and I lose interest in ‘commenting’ on that post which I liked. And in this situation, I feel the ‘loss’ is that of the author.


  6. If you recall my past ranting on this subject, my belief is that many of these “hit and run likes” come from people who think WordPress is like Twitter or Facebook; the ultimate goal is to collect followers and likes, not exchange ideas and experiences.

    I came to that conclusion after tracking the words and behavior of “followers” with my blog. I’ve had several people give me 5 up to 17 likes in a matter of a minute or two, add me to their follow list, then drop me in VERY short order if I didn’t follow and like them back.

    There was quite a bit of other, more circumstantial evidence, but nobody wants a comment the length of a book, lol.

    Obviously this is not everybody on WP. Some are busy. Some may appreciate a post without being able to come up with a meaningful comment. The fakes fail to understand an important part of real writing though; Authenticity. People can feel when it’s there in a post and when it’s not.

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    1. I remember your rant.
      I like your phrase “hit and run likes.”
      Unfortunately, nobody cares how many followers or likes one has.
      Based on my WP experience, I concluded that ‘more number of followers’ has no value because it does not account for interaction.
      I completely agree with your second paragraph.
      Haha! agree. Nobody has the time to write a book-length comment.
      I came across a blogger a long time ago who always mentions in each of his posts that whoever likes his post should leave a comment indicating which part of his post they liked. Otherwise, he expressly instructs people not to follow or like his posts.
      A truly wonderful soul!

      We must continue our blog journey regardless of whether someone comments, likes, or follows.

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  7. I just more often “only” like a post than commenting on it.
    My thoughts are already shared by other readers who already commented.
    It is nothing to comment, since it is just a picture, story etc. I like and I don’t want to state a comment like “great”, just to show that I am alive.
    I generally like the post, but I need time to go deeper and in the meantime the blog discussion moved in another direction

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  8. I love this post. I always try to reply to anyone who comments on my posts—but I am abysmal at doing so. I do poorly with taking compliments, and I’m even worse with conversing in comment form. As a result, I always come off as being flaky, superficial, or phony. When someone else’s post moves me, I usually do my best to comment in a sincere, thoughtful manner—but I’m hardly ever satisfied with the results since I always want to say more than what would be considered reasonable. Ultimately, comments (in either direction) give me anxiety, but always feel good once the connection is made and the positive sentiment is reciprocated.
    I really love the quote you’ve included here. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Thank you Reymund Waed.
      Glad my post resonated with you.
      There’s no need for you to give your commenting strategy too much thought.
      You are already doing a fantastic job by leaving comments, and the majority of post authors appreciate them.
      There’s no need to worry about what people might say, etc.
      You are correct when you say that connecting with people who share your interests makes one feel happy.
      And your work is excellent!
      Carry on!
      I appreciate you taking the time to comment.
      Thank you so much.
      Namaste from India.

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