Truth is too naked. It doesn’t stimulate men-Jean Cocteau


Nude statues-Art or Porn?

I don’t know.

My guess is that it is influenced by one’s mindset.

But I do know that these statues are found in the land of Kama Sutra and the European world.

Which are prevalent-Male or female nude statues?

I am not sure about the correct answer. I guess both are noticed everywhere.

Why are many statues naked?

“Art can never exist without naked beauty displayed”  William Blake

Do you agree with William Blake?

Probable reasons

My assumption is…

  • It’s a pleasurable thing to do.
  • It can boost the sexual urge
  • Maybe it falls under cultural attitude.
  • The naked sculptures can enhance the beauty of curves.
  • Maybe men like naked sculptures of the opposite gender more, since most of the sculptors are men

Readers can enlighten me if you have any other reasons.

Can nude female statues escape from the male gaze?

Male readers can answer this question.

My doubt

How do children react, when they see these statues?

And what is your reply as a parent?

Love & Nakedness

“Love is the true state of the human heart.

When we love, we unguard our hearts.

We open ourselves up to the world without- any restraint.

When passion flows, desires stir, our earthy senses become dull, and our ethereal self becomes illumined.

At this stage, we are naked, totally naked, with little or no covering of ego”

Salil Jha

Nakedness vs Nudity

“Nakedness reveals itself. Nudity is placed on display. The nude is condemned to never being naked. Nudity is a form of dress”

John Berger

John Berger says-To be naked is to be oneself. To be nude is to be seen naked by others and yet not recognised for oneself.

Nudity means to show off one’s body in a sexual way to attract attention.

Nakedness means to be one’s true self, without bothering how others perceive the body.

Different thoughts

“Nudity is not vulgar, else we were not born nude” Anuup Kamal Agrawal

“You miss a lot of wonderful as well as historic art if the nude is denounced” B J Adams

“He who does not master the nude cannot understand the principles of architecture” Michelangelo 

What are your Thoughts?

Do you consider ‘nakedness’ better than being ‘nude’?

 Thank you for your visit.

Take care, my friend.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

Mr. Philo

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20 thoughts on “Truth is too naked. It doesn’t stimulate men-Jean Cocteau

  1. It depends on how you see it and your perception of Art. It’s art for me. Does it bring other thoughts and feelings that may sometimes be yes or no? But, yes how do we tell a young and developing mind what it is? That’s a question we need to learn how to answer.
    Then again, it depends on who is answering that question to the young mind.

    “Love is the true state of the human heart.

    When we love, we unguard our hearts.

    We open ourselves up to the world without- any restraint.

    When passion flows, desires stir, our earthy senses become dull, and our ethereal self becomes illumined.

    At this stage, we are naked, totally naked, with little or no covering of ego”

    Salil Jha
    This quote you stated is the answer to me
    Very thought-provoking post.Thank you so much for sharing

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  2. It’s interesting to consider the distinction between nakedness and nudity as described by John Berger and the other quotes you provided.

    It seems that nakedness is more about being genuine and authentic, while nudity is more about being on display or using one’s body for attention or sexual attraction.

    Personally, I think both can be valuable in different contexts, but I do think there is something to be said for the value of being genuine and authentic, and for allowing oneself to be seen for who they truly are.

    At the same time, it’s also paramount to respect others and their boundaries, so I think it’s important to consider the context and the intentions behind being naked or nude.

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    1. My friends, you have said it perfectly. True, one must respect the individual’s intention and the thoughts that race through their mind. Unfortunately, the world is not that simple. It could be art to one and porn to the other, and social media platforms make it easy to vent anger and frustration, adding fuel to the fire! Ultimately, everyone should have the right to choose, and fighting for or against it is pointless.

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      1. I agree that everyone should have the right to choose and that it’s important to respect an individual’s intention and thoughts. However, it’s also important to consider the impact of one’s actions on others. While an individual may have the right to express themselves in a certain way, that doesn’t necessarily mean that their actions are not harmful or offensive to others. It’s important to find a balance between respecting an individual’s rights and being mindful of the impact that our actions can have on others.

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        1. I couldn’t agree more.
          I remember the quote by Lauren Barnholdt.
          “You have to give respect to get respect.”
          How true it is!
          If only people were careful not to offend or harm others by knowing their respective boundaries, our world would have been a paradise.
          Thank you once again.

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  3. It’s not influenced by one’s mindset; it is influenced by the intention of those who create and display it. Of course, certain minds could perceive porn in Venus de Milo or The Birth of Aphrodite, but in my mind, they need psychological help.
    I’ve always admired Blake (yet another one of my favorite authors, who was also a great artist).
    I’ve taken my children and grandchildren to museums where nude art is displayed and we discussed it. As to stimulating men, in ancient Greek sculptural tradition, males were depicted nude and females dressed, or draped (at least partially), because male body was considered beautiful (not stimulating, but esthetically pleasing), as opposed to female body, encumbered by unwieldly protrusions.
    I apologize for the lengthy comment, dear friend.


  4. I prefer to be naked rather than nude. Though, if you ignore the connotations, they are synonymous.

    Nude comes from the Latin word, “nudus.” Naked comes from the old English, “nacod.” Origins in German nackt.

    The Latin came here via the French “nu.” And for that we can thank William the Conqueror. The French word for many things became the cultured word while the Anglo-Saxon words for the same thing became the lesser term, often profane and sometimes obscene. So nude became clothed in a degree of respectability and naked became exposed to ridicule.

    To be naked is to be exposed, vulnerable, and open. One is stripped naked, not stripped nude. Bare assed naked, not bare assed nude. Stark naked, not stark nude. Lovers are always naked and never nude.

    To be nude is to be clothed by convention. If you look at media, they always use the word nude. Laws always use the word nude. We have nudists, not nakedists. When I was younger I worked as a nude model for art classes. Painting and photography and sculpture of the nude figure. Even a strip club will advertise “Live NUDE entertainment!”

    Still, when I go on a freehike I think of myself as being naked, exposed to bugs and thorns and poison oak and anyone I might come across. Feeling the sensuality of exposure to the elements and sun and wind and maybe even rain. Being exposed is to be naked, so that’s what I am.

    There’s also the Greek, “gymnos.” Gymnosophy is a fancy word for nudism. A gymnasium is a “naked” place because in ancient Greece, all exercise and athletics were performed without clothes. Naturism derives from a different term for naked, the French euphemism, “au naturel,” meaning “in nature.”

    Pick your word. I have no problem applying and using any term but, subjectively, I prefer to be naked.

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