Wednesday Wisdom-Learning


When you start thinking that you can’t do a particular job and your options are a bare minimum, what do you do?

Now you have two choices.

  • Just forget and do nothing. This attitude can never make you successful.
  • Attempt to get help from those who know how to do it. Here you need somebody to guide you and getting a proper teacher can be difficult at times. If you are unable to get a helping hand… simply try to learn yourself.

The second option is a bit difficult, when you decide to do it yourself, results can be rich with flaws and mess initially, but as you continue to make repeated attempts you are sure to be successful.

Every time you are attempting to solve the issue, you are bound to learn something new.

This is how inventions are made. Is it not so?

Are not all inventions achieved accidentally??

Eureka moments can happen from working on something completely different.

It’s said more than 50% of inventions happen by accident and here the inventor never stopped doing what he could not achieve despite repeated attempts.

“Invention is a process.

You don’t get there overnight”

Louis Foreman

Is necessity the mother of invention?

“There was a time when necessity was the mother of invention, but today, the over-abundance of technology has made us live in a

a world where the invention is the mother of necessity.”

Abhijit Naskar


“You were saved not by work, but for work.

Do it till all is done. By your Inventions, Innovations, Initiatives, Improvements, Involvements, Imaginations, Information, Interventions and Inspirations… Go the extra mile and dare to do it.”

Israelmore Ayivor

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Mr. Philo

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2 thoughts on “Wednesday Wisdom-Learning

  1. It is so important to not give up when faced with challenges and to be persistent in seeking out solutions and ways to improve. It is through this process of trial and error and continuous learning that we can achieve success and make important innovations and discoveries. It is also important to be open to new ideas and to allow ourselves to be creative and imaginative in the problem-solving process. The journey towards achieving our goals and dreams can be difficult, but it is ultimately rewarding and fulfilling.

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