Thursday Special-Pick a word December 2022

This post is part of Paula’s Pick a word December 2022  and words mentioned are Tribute, Wading, Townscape, Harbour and Bokeh


“Tribute to the dead is meaningless.

Corpses are 3D – dead, deaf and dumb. Only the living can appreciate their tributes.

If only we tell the living the sweet things we tell their corpses, some would have lived longer or happier.

If you have swallowed pleasantries for your beloved ones, start vomiting them right away to avoid food poisoning or constipation.

When do you prefer your tribute, dead or alive?”

Vincent Okay Nwachukwu

The above quote is meaningful or meaningless?

What are your thoughts?


Above image is The Guards Crimean War Memorial located in St James, London.

The memorial commemorates the Allied victory in the Crimean war of 1853-56.

The commemorative plaque says 2152 soldiers died during that war.

Too many wars. Too many died.

Since wars in many parts of the world not going to be over,  more going to die and many glorious occasions are likely to be remembered annually.

Abhijit Naskar has some advice.

“Civilized beings take responsibility for the conflicts of the world and actively work towards a future that needs no 24/7 military, rather than accepting the death of a soldier as the norm and celebrating it as a glorious occasion”


“Boke pictures are proof that, being out of focus is beautiful too” Sayoo


“There are always two sides to a camera. (Focus & Blur)

If you can’t focus, then blur it-you will indeed find something magical (bokeh)

A thing that can’t be described, a thing that changes everything.

A thing that keeps on messing with your mind,

While everyone looked for perfection, you found perfection in the imperfection,

That’s is the beauty and that beauty is known as bokeh” Rudratma RP

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Mr. Philo

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5 thoughts on “Thursday Special-Pick a word December 2022

  1. We believe that when we remember the dead and pay them tribute, they are reminded to put in a good word for us before, Him, as it were. I entirely agree that there are too many wars and altogether too much violence in the world.
    Happy New Year, dear Philo, and may 2023 bring peace into the world!


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