The gratitude of a donkey is a KICK!-African Proverb



“Life is all about ass.

You’re either covering it, laughing it off, kicking it, kissing it, busting it, trying to get a piece of it, behaving like one, or living with one”


Usually, the words Donkey & Ass are used in a derogatory way (dumb ass, jackass) implying stupid people or people of very low intelligence.

We come across people parading the donkeys during times of protests (In India, it’s a common occurrence)

Maybe a sort of public humiliation.

My friend, donkeys are not stupid creatures and are intelligent animals.


Are you aware of the term ONOLATRY?

It means donkey worshipping, popular in ancient times.

In Rajasthan (North Indian State) Sheetala Ashtami (March-April) is celebrated where women folks worship the donkey for the well-being of children and people. Goddess is said to be the Goddess of smallpox and Goddess Sheetala’s photo frame along with a broom and the water-filled pot is kept on the donkey as they worship.

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Mr. Philo

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