One liner Wednesday-Reality of life


“Life is a road and reality is the bumps on the road” Unknown.

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This post is part of Linda H Gill’s One liner Wednesday


2 thoughts on “One liner Wednesday-Reality of life

  1. I think this blog post is making a poignant and relatable point about the challenges and obstacles that we all encounter in life. It’s true that life can be unpredictable and that we all face difficulties and setbacks at times. However, it’s also true that these challenges and obstacles can be opportunities for growth and learning, helping us to become stronger and more resilient as we navigate the road of life. It’s important to remember that these bumps on the road are a natural and inevitable part of life, and that we can learn and grow from them if we approach them with an open mind and a positive attitude.

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    1. My friends, I appreciate your nice words and support.
      This particular image was chosen for this phrase because I thought it rather well captured the meaning.
      The mother and young duck are helplessly staring at the speed bump (reality) in the road (life). The baby duck eventually got exhausted and sat down, refusing to get up. These kinds of challenges are abundant in life, and they present us with the chance to develop and learn how to overcome them, as you so aptly put it.

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