Curved seat-Art or Craft?


Are art and Craft the same?

No. They are not the same.

On many occasions, the English language confuses us.

The basic difference is Art is Emotional & craft is functional 

✔Art expresses emotion, and feelings and leads towards a vision.

Craft involves work resulting in the creation of objects with help of hands utilizing at the same time the brain power.

✔Art depends on the artistry of the artist

Craft depends on the learned skills of the person.

✔In art, emotion flows from heart and soul.

In craft- only your mind is at work.

✔Art can’t be duplicated

Craft can be copied.



“The function of art is to satisfy the artist, with little or no regard to the viewer.

The function of craft is to give meaning to the viewer, and enhance the richness of their life”

David Moser

Do you agree?

“Art without heart is craft” Eric Gibbons

So the image above of the curved seat- talks of art or craft?

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7 thoughts on “Curved seat-Art or Craft?

  1. Art and craft are not the same thing, although they can sometimes overlap.

    Art is a broad term that refers to the creation of imaginative or creative works, such as paintings, sculptures, and performances. Art is often seen as a way to express emotions, ideas, or experiences through the use of various mediums and techniques.

    Craft, on the other hand, refers to the creation of tangible objects through the use of skills and techniques, such as woodworking, knitting, or pottery. Crafts often involve the use of materials such as wood, fabric, or clay, and may involve the creation of functional or decorative objects.

    While some people may consider certain crafts to be art, the two terms are generally used to refer to different types of creative endeavors.

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