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What is Chrome?

Of course, we are not talking about Google’s Chrome app.

Chrome is a chemical element.

The words chrome and chromium mean the same.

For that shiny surface 

Chrome is a shiny layer of metallic coating that is applied to a metal surface.

We refer to this as a chromium finish since chrome metal is used to overlay other metals and make them appear more lustrous.

Chrome colour has high reflectance (as good as a mirror) and one can groom oneself in a satisfied manner.

For Human bodies

Our body needs chromium in small quantities.

This crucial mineral is necessary for healthy brain and heart function, as well as blood sugar management.

Fortunately, traces of this element can be found in our meals, including vegetables, fruits, whole grains, cattle, poultry, and processed meat.

Mussels & Broccoli are rich in chromium content.

Chrome can be in different colours

Chrome can have added colours like yellow chrome, green chrome or white chrome, golden chrome etc.

Chrome pigment is popular with vehicle parts like chrome bumper or chrome wheels.

You also notice this in kitchen or bathroom fixtures.

In the USA chrome is said to refer to a handgun. I am not sure why it is so.


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