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Closet or wardrobe?


Wikidiff says closet is synonym of wardrobe and wardrobe is synonym of closet. Really?

Confusion again regarding the usage of these two terms. We have to talk about the difference between British English and American English.

I understand that a wardrobe is a tall piece of furniture in the bedroom and has provision to hang clothes that are used daily. Wardrobes are larger compared to closets.

A closet is said to be a wardrobe, built into the wall of a room rather as separate furniture. Items in the closet are not used daily and the closet acts as a storage house.

Both can be used to organize clothes, shoes and other accessories.

How well do you organize your closet/wardrobe?

Most of the time you are embarrassed that your closets are disorganised.

And you are aware of this.

You say you are not finding enough time to organize them properly.

That’s true. We find no time even for proper eating!

Are you aware that a disorganized closet can have a negative impact on your life?

When you open/slide the door of the closet…the very visual makes you stressed out.

You are wasting your time repeatedly in organising your closet.

And you have to spend too much time finding your favourite item.

You complain that your closet lacks enough space, forgetting the fact that you are willing to donate old clothes to the needy.

And your early morning good mood can turn sour, angry and irritable when you open the closet door with disorganized clothes.

Whether you use a wardrobe or closet, the point is how well you keep the items in an order.


“Dress shabbily, they remember the dress.

Dress impeccably and they remember the woman”

Coco Chanel

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10 thoughts on “CFFC-Salt white colour

  1. I dont think I’d ever use the word closet … cupboard or wardrobe. Trying to keep either organised and tidy is a constant battle … especially after my husband has put things away

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  2. Both serve the same purpose, but you are right, a wardrobe is a piece of furniture. In America, dwellings come with built-in closets, which saves a lot of space.
    If a woman is impeccably dressed, they don’t remember the woman, they remember Coco Chanel.
    If a person is impeccably dressed, but his / her closet / wardrobe is a mess, it’s a sign of emotional disorder.

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