Worry is a misuse of the imagination-Dan Zadra


Worrying about worries

98% of the things you worry about, don’t even happen !!

“So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.”
Matthew 6:25-34

I am not here not to give a million reasons why we worry, I am here to stress the point that we worry forever.

Worry is the main cause of worry

  • We worry because we think a lot
  • We think a lot because we imagine a lot
  • We imagine a lot because we think a lot

So the vicious cycle formed. And there is no stop to it.

Is it because we lack faith in ourselves? I don’t know.

Cambridge Dictionary defines worry as

“To think about problems or unpleasant things that might happen in a way that makes you feel unhappy and frightened”.

Three broad reasons why we worry

  1. We worry because we foresee our unknown future with millions of possibilities, the majority with negative thoughts
  2. We worry because of our assumptions
  3. We worry about the past that happened, we worry about the present in real-time happenings and we worry about the future because of uncertainty

Can we stop worrying?

It is impossible to stop worrying, however, saints bombard you with saintly advice regarding dos and don’ts.

Again I reiterate -Life without worry is not possible.

Remember you worry till the end of your life. I am brutally frank.

Simply put, if you worry, remember you are breathing.

Don’t worry, be happy is just not practical!!

How much worrying is too much?

Your worries, doubts and anxieties are normal.

My friend, the problem comes because you exaggerate your normal worries which becomes a habit over time.

So the best answer is don’t magnify your worries.

What happens if you stop worrying?

  • No more ifs
  • No more interferences in your daily life
  • Your mind is calm and you are in a better position to achieve your goals
  • Your health is maintained
  • You can direct your brain to develop positive vibes
  • The funny thing is you can make more money by properly spending your energy


“Pray, and let God worry.”
Martin Luther

Thank you for your visit.

Take care, my friend.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

Mr. Philo

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14 thoughts on “Worry is a misuse of the imagination-Dan Zadra

  1. I recently did a post on combating worry. I found a trick that works very well: Simply ask yourself where you are and truly focus on the answer. It pulls you back to reality and away from your lamenting the past or imagining the future. 😉

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  2. I tend to take the approach that there’s no point worrying about something I have no control over. And those things I can control, I try to deal with them rather than worrying … action is a better way to use my energy

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