Let us wipe out the plastic before it wipes us out!



We are aware of plastic pollution.

We are also aware that we are reaching an irreversible damaging situation.

There is still widespread use of plastic water bottles, and I don’t believe the international community is doing much to stop this.

“Plastic will be the main ingredient of all our grandchildren’s recipes” Anthony T Hincks

Single-use plastic water bottles are a big contributor to landfill waste and are choking up our rivers, oceans, and even streets.

Despite the existence of environmentally acceptable alternatives to plastic bottles, these are nevertheless widely used since they are inexpensive and accessible easily.

Why should you not use water from a plastic water bottle?

I am not going into the details of the environmental damage caused by plastics.

I am limiting my topic to the water in your plastic bottle.

The plastic bottle carries a lot of chemicals and bacteria. These are ingested into our bodies and can cause damage to our immune systems.

Children are said to be more vulnerable.

Plastic contains harmful phthalates, popularly known as EVERWHERE CHEMICAL that are endocrine disrupting causing liver cancer or sperm reduction (damaging the reproductive organs).

These chemicals are seen in most cosmetic products too.

Don’t use plastic containers in microwaves.

We also leave these water bottles exposed to the sun for a longer duration. (bottles kept for long hours in car trunk/dickey/tailgate. One also can see large water cans kept on pavements in busy market streets)

Don’t expose plastic water bottles to the Sun, otherwise harmful chemicals like dioxin are produced that can result in breast cancer.


“Drinking water kept in a plastic bottle is harmful to our body, instead of using plastic bottles, use a steel water bottle or copper water bottle to live a healthy life” Prashant

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