Learn to smile!


Generally speaking, man is an animal who takes himself terribly seriously.

To know how to smile at oneself in all circumstances, to smile at one’s sorrows and disillusions, ambitions and sufferings, indignation and revolt—what a powerful weapon with which to overcome oneself!

Learn to smile always and in all circumstances; to smile at your sorrows as well as your joys, your sufferings as well as your hopes, for in a smile there is a sovereign power of self-mastery.

The Mother

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Mr. Philo

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7 thoughts on “Learn to smile!

      1. That is sad to not have a reason to smile. I had such with my daughter today and we talked about that. Just one tiny smile sometimes, but yes…somedays it is harder that others. I admit to having to work a little harder on it this season.

        Thank you for your support. LA team is such a great group. Grateful for THEM.

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