Having a Field day!


Kids are kids

Sadly, adults try to control their activities, and often the kid loses interest.

I always feel we should encourage the kids to do what they like.

Nobody can match their energy and enthusiasm!

It looks like this kid is having a field day and enjoying the somersault.

What can an adult do in their life?

“If life lets you tumble, make it a somersault.” Unknown

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Mr. Philo

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12 thoughts on “Having a Field day!

  1. Sometimes it can be fun to re-engage with childhood/childlike activities … it gives a surge of excitement and energy … even just the simplest of activities sometimes. Yesterday … to avoid am icy path, I scrunched through frozen leaves at the side of the path… it put me in a great mood for the day and I enjoyed the moment of blissful scrunching a little longer than necessary just for the fun of it 😃

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  2. What a fun photo! I did gymnastics, when I was young, and now two of my granddaughters are gymnasts, and one is into acrobatics (trapeze flying, of all things!) Children have no stops, when it comes to movement, and I think we should not stop them, but try to keep them safe.

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