Dirty water everywhere!


Question to you

Did you ever experience, a vehicle whizzing past and splashing dirty rainwater on you, as you are walking on the road or waiting at a bus stop, drenching your otherwise dry cloth with stinky mud water?

Do you become

  • angry or
  • sad or
  • feel helpless or
  • Resigned to your fate?

Splashing of dirty water on the road users by the fast vehicle is a common site in most developing countries.

We come across heated arguments among the road users on these occasions and even verbal fights resulting in the worsening of the already slow-moving traffic to a standstill.

Road rage is also a possibility.

Splashing rain water-Who is responsible?

I shall provide you with 7 possibilities. Which do you think is the correct answer?

  • Incessant rain (Under nobody’s control)
  • The water collection in the potholes (puddle)-where the driver of the vehicle is unable to notice the pit filled with rainy water resulting in splashing of the water on friendly neighbors.
  • Poor maintenance of the roads
  • The driver who races irresponsibly on the rain-filled roads during heavy downpours unmindful of other hapless road users.
  • Nobody is at fault
  • Everybody is at fault
  • You are mainly at fault- Because you decided to Keep calm and embrace the mud

What is the best thing that one can do?

My friend, I feel nothing can be done.

Better you shower pity on yourself and move on because

  • You are in the wrong place
  • At the wrong time and
  • Arguing with the wrong man not going to cool the situation in the right way!!


If you don’t like getting wet, don’t ride in the rain

Thank you for your visit.

Take care, my friend.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

Mr. Philo

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