We all need a little cushioning in life


We all love to have a chair that is comfortable to sit in.

What is that ‘comfort’ we expect?

Can it be a normal chair (Conventional chair)? or

Should it be an ergonomic chair?

Normal chairs are OK until you start developing body pains, backache or neck pain and are uncomfortable to sit over time.

What is an ergonomic chair?

An ergonomic chair is preferred to a normal chair.

Ergonomic chairs support the natural S shape of the spines.

These chairs provide comfort to your neck and back.

In ergonomic chairs, one can adjust the seat height.

The seat will have a backrest for more comfortable sitting.

Adjustable armrest gives comfort to your arm.

Swivel adds to the luxury.

The seat material is also an important factor. Having a cloth fibre that breaths add to the comfort. Leather and are velvet preferred.

What is the best comfort for humans?

“Love for me is comfort.

I feel most loved and most capable of giving love when I am around people or in places that make me comfortable”

Amanda Schull

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Take care, my friend.

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Mr. Philo

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4 thoughts on “We all need a little cushioning in life

  1. The beautiful Art Deco bar chair on your photo, darling, will only be comfortable to a very healthy person with perfect spine. Looks great, though!
    I agree that humans need love to feel comfort, yet sometimes love shines the brightest in the most uncomfortable places, such as Haiti after the earthquake, or Miami after hurricane Andrew.

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