?Mad ?Angry ? Aggression? Crazy? Insane?



Anger is a natural process and can be healthy in smaller doses.

They say anger is a controlled emotion. Really?

If it is so what is the standard of measure?

“Anybody can become angry-that is easy;

But to be angry with the right person, and to the right degree, and at the right time, and for the right purpose, and in the right way that is not within everybody’s power and is not easy”


Mad and madness

And we are all aware of the meaning of mad, which implies there is some mental illness.

But many times the word ‘mad’ is used routinely.

Again people talk of American English and British English conveying opposite meanings to certain words.

Mad conveys anger for Americans, while Britishers say madness is nothing but mental illness.

What about the usage of the word madly angry?

I am confused a lot.

Can people get offended when they are not truly suffering from madness?

I think it is possible.

Are mad, crazy and insane the same?

‘Aggression’ is another headache to decipher

It’s said that ‘aggression’ is subjective and the use of the term aggression depends on how the recipient reacts. (ambiguous)

Angry people can become aggressive and aggressive people may become angry. Do both situations convey the same meaning?

Aggression involves assertion or an attacking mode.

Can good-tempered people get angry? 

I don’t know.

But I doubt whether such a person can exist.

If at all they exist, I guess they may have willpower towards controlled anger.

God vs Man

” The madness of God is infinitely wiser than the Wisdom of man ”

Archimandrite Zacharias

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Mr. Philo

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12 thoughts on “?Mad ?Angry ? Aggression? Crazy? Insane?

  1. Anger is controllable, but people who have a very easily excitable personality have to learn how to control their anger. There are anger management techniques available through therapy and online. In American usage, “mad” means uncontrollable anger.
    The way I explain it to my students is, if your boss said something upsetting to you, and you keep it inside you, you are SAD. If you go see your boss and calmly say, “Mr Boss, I feel angry because of what you said,” you are ANGRY. If you barge into the boss’ office and throw a chair at him, you are MAD.
    Most certainly, good-tempered people do get angry, but they do not let it escalate into madness and aggression.

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