Fear is only as deep as the mind allows-Japanese Proverb


Are you scared of spending time in public places?

“Warm chairs. I don’t know like I’m sitting on someone’s leftover germs.”

 James Brandon

We come across people who suffer from fear of germs imagining that they catch an infection.

These people are terrified when they think of dirt, germs and bacteria and experience disproportionate anxiety.

I can understand the feelings of the people who are on immunosuppressive medication.


Fear of Germs is known as Mysophobia or Germophobia.

These people go on cleaning their surroundings forever and get exhausted soon.

People even throw newly purchased items into the dust bin thinking that they are contaminated.

These people avoid public places and may take excessive showering and an unimaginable number of hand washing.

Covid further terrorized these people!

It’s said to be a type of obsessive-compulsive disorder.


“Fear is not real.

It’s the product of thoughts you create.

Danger is very real, but fear is a choice” Unknown

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