The finer the bait, the shorter the wait-Frank Gorshin


How do you define a normal life?

Normal life is defined as a boring life.


Yes. You read it right.

What is the best thing that can happen to a boring life?

Not Hollywood or Bollywood movies, not those otherwise happening things in the world.

Interesting messages that you receive regularly-be in your mail or on the web in the form of comments make your otherwise boring life interesting.

Don’t you agree with me?

The message that I received recently

I need your valuable advice since you are my best friend and you help me always for the betterment of my future.

Why should anybody miss a ”God-given opportunity’??

The message starts …

Inquiry for Investment.

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

Dear Friend,

I came across your e-mail contact prior a private search while in need of your assistance. My name is Aisha  a single Mother and a Widow with three Children. I am the only biological Daughter of the billionaire.

I have an investment funds worth Twenty Seven Million Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollar ($27,500,000.00 ) and i need an investment Manager/Partner and because of the asylum status i will authorize you the ownership of the funds, however, I am interested in you for investment project assistance in your country, may be from there, we can build a business relationship in the near future.

I am willing to negotiate investment/business profit sharing ratio with you base on the future investment earning profits.

If you are willing to handle this project kindly reply urgent to enable me provide you more information about the investment funds.

Your Urgent Reply Will Be Appreciated

Best Regards

Mrs Aisha

OK. Great!!

Amount offered is huge!

Forget about the grammar and grammar mistakes…right from the inquiry stage 😂😂

First of all, what way I am so great from 8 billion people in this planet to be selected & invited?

Am I the chosen one?

She claims she came to know my email prior a private search. What is this prior private search?

She says she is the biological daughter of the billionaire. Who is this guy? What the hell he did not do with his fortunes?

And asylum status??

Where she is seeking asylum & why?

Is she really she?

Now I have decided to change my definition of normal life.

What is it?

Normal life can never be boring as long as you have spam friends to entertain you. Mind you they do it free of cost.

Remember no where in this world you get such a worth remembering entertainment free!

But sometimes sadly people are hooked by the bait

“I can resist everything except temptation” Oscar Wilde

Free cheese is always available in mouse traps.

What about Black Friday sales?

One free for purchase of two or iPhone 14/15 is available at unimaginable price!

Don’t plead ignorance!

Don’t say that you can’t be tempted.

Our internet is loaded with links to sensational fake news, click baits, phishing, pop-up windows, spoofing, spyware, ransomware, scams while dating online, advance-free fraud, online shopping scams, credit card fraud, charity fraud, job scams, lottery scams, varieties of viruses…the list is too long and billions are already hooked and suffering immensely.

Who can forget the Nigerian letter scam?

Is there a way to avoid temptations?

No chance, my friend.


Because we are humans!

“Temptation has been here ever since the Garden of Eden” Jerry Falwell 

Did you receive any such funny messages / comments?

Were you by any chance a victim?

Here we regularly come across news that so and so lost huge savings due to online fraud. These people include highly educated class.

My point is why well educated people succumb to these frauds?

It proves that people have become greedy and paying the price costly though!

Bad e-mail habits sustain spam

Thank you for your visit.

Take care, my friend.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

Mr. Philo

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4 thoughts on “The finer the bait, the shorter the wait-Frank Gorshin

  1. That message would have gone straight in the bin.

    But you’re right, it is scary how easily we can be pulled in to something. It could be greed, but I think sometimes people are so busy, so stressed that they don’t pay full attention and get scammed.

    But I agree, avarice is a horrible characteristic … the greed that drives the person setting up the scams … and those succumbing

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Brenda.
      The destination is sure to be the thrash bin.
      What do these people think of us?
      Are we that stupid,/dumb and foolish to believe their stories?
      You are right.
      Avarice is the culprit and people take advantage of the same.
      Spam and online fraud are here to stay as long as humans are there.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. So it is.
    And despite being wise and knowing how to avoid scams, we also regret that these are false opportunities, and wish for real ones.

    And if we are like bulls with rings through our noses, led towards pleasure and away from pain – what are we if those are taken away?

    Liked by 1 person

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