No problem!!


What is an illusion?

“The only reality is in front of you. All else is an illusion.”
 Maxime Lagacé

What about problems?

“All problems are illusions of the mind.

Focus your attention on the Now and tell me what problem you have at this moment…

It’s impossible to have a problem when your attention is fully on the now.

A situation needs to be either dealt with or accepted.

Why make it into a problem?”

Eckhart Tolle 

Is it not true, my friend?

How to make the ‘present’ worth enjoying?

I know you don’t believe this!

“The easiest way to solve a problem is to deny it exists”

Isaac Asimov

Thank you for your visit.

Take care, my friend.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

Mr. Philo

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7 thoughts on “No problem!!

  1. I tend to believe Isaac Asimov, rather than Tolle. If you see a problem as a challenge, then you will either see that it doesn’t exist at all or, if it does, find a way to solve it. Worst come to worst, you’ll realize that you have to accept the situation.
    Tolle is only rephrasing Søren Kierkegaard, who is probably too academic for wide public. There is nothing new about concentrating on the NOW.

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    1. Agree.
      As I have interacted with you so many times…you made me know for sure that God will help people solve their problems by providing solutions if not immediately at a lateral stage and one must have patience once one surrenders to the Almighty.
      The sad part is people say they leave all their problems to God, yet go on wondering why the problems remain, forgetting that God has his own plans and a suitable time to solve the problems.

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