The good, the bad and the ugly


I am confused as usual.

Which is correct?

Fungi or Funghi or Funguses?

Let me stick to FUNGI.

Most antibiotics used by humans are produced from fungi.

Fungi are essential to many households in making bread, wine, cheese and beer.

Fungi are used in food (mushrooms, truffles) and are delicacies with high protein.

“Fungi are the interface organisms between life and death” Paul Stamets


“Without fungi, rain forests could not exist”  David Attenborough

Fungi can be described in three ways.

Good– It eats the dead matter and cleans the earth of that uncomfortable view.

Bad- Fungi are bad for the trees. It can eat the tissues of living trees. The innocent-looking fungus can be lethal to this gigantic tree as time passes.

Ugly-Fungi can be poisonous. They must be cooked properly. If eaten raw they can cause food poisoning or allergic reactions.

Harmful fungi are three types of, one that kills you, one that makes you seriously ill and one that gives you hallucinations.


“If you truly love nature, you’ll find beauty everywhere” Van Gogh

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